🌆City Expeditions

Exploring the Cities

Players are required to form fleets (including Spaceships, Bunny Passengers and Pilots) to explore different cities. Each type of Bunny would have different upgrading upper limit of Combat Power. The Combat Power of the entire fleet determines the cities players can explore.

Therefore, if you owns two Bunnies with 500 Combat Power each in a fleet, you can explore cities within the 1000 Combat Power limit.

Each fleet and member can only explore the city once every 28800 BSC blocks (approximately 24 hours).


The success rate of each fleet between cities is determined by the passengers and pilots. To ensure all players obtain stable income and the sustainability of the game, the rewards from each adventure will be accumulated in accordance with the value of USDT and the rewards will be distributed in $BG in accordance with the value set by the Oracle.

Early Withdrawal Fee

If you withdraw your $BG rewards prematurely, you will incur a 30% early withdrawal fee. The fee will be reduced by 2% daily once you start participating in daily adventures regardless if the attempt is successful, until the fee reduction reaches 0%. The soonest you can withdraw your $BG rewards tax-free would be after 15 days.

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