🐇Adventure Bunnies & BabyBunnies

Adventure Bunnies are the main source of Combat Power for our fleets. Each Adventure Bunny would have different maximum Combat Power.

Players may obtain Adventure Bunnies by drawing from the BlindBox. The upgradeable upper limit of the Combat Power is determined by the rarity of the Bunnies. Players can collect and upgrade the best Adventure Bunnies to increase the chance of exploring the desired cities.

Please fill out the referral's Adventure Bunny's Token ID to breed when you draw an Adventure Bunny. That way, you will not only get an Adventure Bunny but also two BabyBunnies (one of which belongs to you and the other to the referral.

BabyBunnies can increase the success rate of the adventure (note 1).

The probabilities of summoning the Adventure Bunnies are as follow:

Drawing Fee: 100 USD worth of $BP

Combat Power Upgrading Fee: 100 USD (50 USDT + 50 USD worth of $BG or $BP) for 100 Combat Power. Simultaneous multiple upgrades are supported.

Note 1: Please refer to the "Success Rate Bonus" chapter for more information about the probabilities.

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